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Zoo Contact list:

Jessie Lowry at Blank Park Zoo and serves on the ZACC Steering Committee has compiled a list of point persons at zoos that oversee their respective field conservation programs. Because of the numerous titles that abound at zoos now concerning conservation, i.e. Field Conservation Coordinator, VP of Conservation, Director of Conservation, Field Conservation Manager, etc. we hope we have not missed anyone. If you are not on the list and fit the bill, please let Jessie know at and she will add your name and contact info. 


The Power of
Small Zoos
by Jessie Lowry/Blank Park 

Our Beginning

 Blank Park Zoo’s conservation story began in 1997, when a small group of staff and volunteers banded together to form the Blank Park Zoo Conservation Committee.


 We picked a few projects that were important to us and raised funds through small fundraisers and special events.  We sold animal shaped lollipops, stickers, temporary tattoos and Zoo calendars.  We installed wishing wells and painted hundreds (probably thousands) of children’s faces.  We also sold margaritas at our adult only summer event  Zoo Brew.  Like many zoos, our conservation work was done mostly on personal time, in the evenings and on the weekends.

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Blank Park Zoo, Iowa


The Blank Park Zoo is proud to partner with 27 Ambassadors, who are part of the Chimpanzee Sanctuary and Wildlife Conservation Trust (CSWCT) team. The Ambassadors work tirelessly to monitor and protect wild chimpanzee and other rare animals in Uganda. They also work with and educate local communities about preservation of habitat and reforestation techniques. Please see the recent email from Jessie Lowry, Conservation Coordinator at Blank Park:


 “Blank Park Zoo donated raingear for each Ambassador...Bass Pro Shop in Iowa gave us a huge discount on the gear!”











by Rebecca Rose/Columbus Zoo

Time does fly when you’re having fun, and it is hard to believe that the Columbus Zoo’s not-to-be-missed annual fundraiser will celebrate its fifth anniversary in October 2013.  With all proceeds from the event benefitting global wildlife conservation, Wine for Wildlife (WFW) is the best thing to happen to the Zoo’s Conservation Grants Program since it launched more than 20 years ago......Read More

Establishing your zoo’s conservation commitment
by Beth Armstrong/Conservation Initiatives

There are some basics when trying to build your zoo’s conservation commitment. Below is a formula which was first established at the Columbus Zoo in the early 1990’s and then successfully implemented at the Brevard Zoo starting in 2001. The great thing about this philosophy is that it can be easily utilized at small, medium and large zoos. Read More


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