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2018 ZACC Conference

ZACC Mission Statement:

The mission of the Zoos & aquariums: committing to conservation conference is to encourage and promote increased involvement of zoos and aquariums in support of field conservation - locally, nationally and internationally.  ZACC conferences bring together field researchers and zoo colleagues every two years enabling them to network, forge relationships and work together to mutually benefit and protect wildlife species

and wild places.


2018 Schedule-a look back

2018 ZACC Film Night

2018 ZACC Facts


The power of imagery to tell a story - see our film list below and a sample from Blank Park Zoo.......

ZACC Movie Night - Short Film Submissions

  • The Indianapolis Prize – introduced by Michele Schilten

  • Valuing Nature in Childhood Program – introduced by Thai Nguyen Van

  • Rosewood Investigation in Madagascar – introduced by Erik Patel  

  • Livestock Insurance Program – introduced by Jennifer Snell Rullman  

  • Bio-blitz in Peru – introduced by Nathan Soley

  • Hutan – Hornbill Nest Box Project – introduced by Sanjitpaal Singh

  • Blank Park Zoo Partners in the Field – introduced by Jessie Lowry 

  • The Fight to Save the Critically Endangered Javan Slow Loris – introduced by Anna Nekaris

  • Phoenix Wilder and the Great Elephant Adventure – introduced by Sean Hensman

  • Tacugama Chimpanzee Sanctuary in Sierra Leone – introduced by Bala Amarasekaran

  • Wildlife Trade films (3)– introduced by Kym Gopp


  • 304 attendees

  • 71 zoos represented

  • 41 NGO's & field projects represented

  • 11 universities represented


  • 4 keynoters

  • 41 papers given

  • 7 panels 

  • 35 posters

  • $8,200 in ZACC Conservation Grants awarded

  • $8,800 in ZACC Travel Grant money awarded

  • $700 for manta ray research - from the waived speaker's fee from WAZA's Doug Cress.

  • $500 awarded from Jacksonville Zoo to poster presenter Nicholas Bachand DVM, gorilla project in Gabon.

2018 ZACC Presentations

Workshops, January 21

Evaluation Workshop Presentation/Khahlil & Maynard





Tuesday, January 23

Education for Nature/ Vietnam/Vu



Wednesday, January 24

Medici, Desbiez, Barongi/ One Team Approach


Thursday, January 25

Cui Bono: Painted Dog/Rasmussen

Merging the Zoo with a Field Organization/Linehan

Urban Wildlife Information Network/Magle

Friday, January 26

Sunda Pangolin/Malaysia - Panjang



2018 ZACC 
Conservation Grants 

This is what your attendance at the 2018 ZACC did - $35 off of each full-registration supported the following projects. 

 ZACC Conservation Grants Fund Awarded

  • $1200 – Nomadic Nature Conservation, Mongolia - Education

  • $1200 – Sunda Pangolin Research & Education Project, Malaysia – Education/research

  • $1200 - PASA/Entertainment Films Program, Africa - Education

  • $1200 - Save the Snakes/Providing Solutions for Human-Snake Conflict, Eastern Ghats, India - Education

  • $1200 – Painted Dog Research Trust/Painted Dog Traffic Awareness Campaign, Zimbabwe – Education

  • $1100 – Kasiisi Project/Kibale Forest School’s Conservation Project, Uganda - Education

  • $1100 - Conservation Fusion/ Green Girls Eco-club Project, Madagascar - Education

2018 ZACC Sponsors

Wishlist from Field Projects

2018 ZACC Field Projects Wish List 

Giant Armadillo, Brazil



Facilitator to create a strategic plan for education conservation

ARCAS, Guatemala

Alejandro Morales

Stipend & capacity building for environmental educator; xray machine; GIS mapping

Cheetah Conservation Fund

Beth Fellenstein

Citizen scientist for ZOOniverse camera trap project; participation in International Cheetah Day; let us come to your speaker series

Nomadic Nature Conservation, Mongolia

Tungalagtuya. Kh

5 camera traps; 5 binoculars; cameras for local coordinators for snow leopard data collection

Amur Tiger Conservation, Russia Far East

Linda Kerley & Angela Yang

Graphics/infographics expertise to transform scientific data into concise visuals

Gunung Palung Orangutan Conservation Program

Cheryl Knott

Cameras @ $300 each; GPS units @ $450; tablets with cases @ $500 each; binoculars @$200 each;

Conservation Fusion, Madagascar

Susie Louis

Website/ graphic designer

Kasiisi Project, Uganda

Elizabeth Ross

Waterproof Nikon binoculars @ $250 each; tablets @ $175 each

2 binoculars- $500/Beth Armstrong

1 GPS Unit & 1 Canon camera donated by Ken Mitchell


Painted Dog Research Trust, Zimbabwe

Gregory Rasmussen

Help needed to design the graphic design and develop messaging for campaign to - Reduce road mortality of Painted Dogs; development of indigenous tree nursery – need horticulture help

Tacugama Chimp Sanctuary

Sierra Leone

Bala Amarasekapan

Volunteer for grant writing; night vision equipment; thermal camera; aluminum canoe

Hirola Conservation Programme

Ali  Abdullahi

Camera traps; handheld GPS units; drone for conservation; grass seeds; 2nd-hand binoculars

Ecological surveys of Pangolins, Thailand

Angela Yang

Replacement camera traps damaged by elephants – 20 Bushnell

Mandrill Release Program, Jane Goodall Institute

Shawn Sweeney

Vet equipment – microscope, cortisol kits, virology kits; renovating indoor mandrill dormitory

Action for Cheetahs in Kenya

Mary Wykstra

3 GPS Unit @ $150 each;

4 Android phones @ $350 each;

4 binoculars @ $200 each;  dog leashes 5 ft @ $45 each; 20 ft extendable leashes @$45 each; 8 dog training balls @$15 each; portable dog kennel $3,000; monthly dog food @ $100

Save the Golden Lion Tamarin, Brazil

Graphic designer to help with info-graphics, logos, newsletter

Sunda Pangolin Project in Borneo

Elisa Panhang

Public education & raising awareness; a good camera; a laptop

Florida Manta project, Florida

Jessica Pate

GoPro 5 with pole; fuel for boat surveys

ZACC Grant for boat surveys


Save the Snakes, India

Michael Starkey

Snake hooks & tongs; snake bags; GPS units; digital cameras;

2 Canon Rebel cameras donated by Amy Reaume of Brevard Zoo

Ape Action Africa, Cameroon

Susan Lutter

anesthetic machine – simple, sturdy & used

Painted Dog Protection Initiatve

Brandon Davis

Assistance with the development of a power management system to connect solar panels to GPS/VHF tracking units; wildlife collar;

Rimba’s Project Cerberus

Wai Yee Lam

Help start the first K9 unit in conservation in Malatsia. Sponsor a dog for a year- $400

Panthera – SUNY/ESF

Allison Devlin

3 Foxlights @ $125 each per alarm

Bushnell video camera traps - $300

School supplies for ranch elementary school - $300

Little Fireface Project

Anne Nekaris

Projector to connect to laptop for our school

Old smartphone with camera for field team

Waterproof trousers & jackets (old zoo uniforms?), Small & Medium

Zoo support- online social media/ activities for Slow loris outreach week

Golden Lion Tamarin Association, Brazil

Support to plant 5 forest corridors for GLT’s

Huellas, Argentina

Tents; camera traps; radio collars (Maned wolf telementry)

Lemur Love

Camera traps with memory cards; omnigene microbiome tube; GPS collars; web designer; smartphone; Goal Zero solar panels; Goal Zero lanterns

Red Panda Network

Camera traps; sponsor forest guardians; funding expansion in parts of Nepal



Susie Louis, Conservation Fusion

Artist – will draw - Susie is working on a piece of art for Nick Bachand in Gabon

Sharon Bowen, Maryland Zoo

Offering editing services

Colors for Conservation

Free graphic design for t-shirts

What is ZACC?

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