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From the field......

Field contacts

The document below is a list of field researchers and their contact information.

Field Researchers



Field reports
Images from the field

Click on Reports from the Field

ARCAS - Guatemala

Ruaha Carnivore Project - Tanzanzia

ASRI - Indonesia

Woodland Park Tiger Project

Seneca Park Zoo & Health In Harmony -Indonesia

Denver Zoo - Botswana  

Denver Zoo - Bolivia & Peru








Quotes from the field

We wanted to include some inspirational quotes here that illustrates how zoos can make a difference by supporting already existing field projects and that small grants do make a difference. Below is a quote from Dr. David Morgan of the Goualougo Triangle Ape Project, Nouabale Ndoki National Park to the Brevard Zoo after they provided funding.


"We had been toying with the idea of using remote cameras at termite mounds for several years but were not able to convince our academic colleagues that this was a feasible means to study wild chimpanzees. The Brevard Zoo saw promise in this innovative technology and purchased the first remote camera unit for our chimpanzee tool use studies. This camera worked wonderfully well and showed the world two new types of chimpanzee tool use! The success of this remote technology is shown in the sponsorship of 17 additional cameras for our study and the adoption of this method by other chimpanzee researchers in Gabon, Nigeria and Ivory Coast.”                 

What is ZACC?

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Featured field project
Conservation commerce

If you are hosting a meeting, or doing a fundraiser at your zoo please consider contacting one of the projects below. The sale of their products directly benefit their respective field projects. These projects all had vendor tables at the 2013 ZACC conference - and they raised in total over $13,000 during a four day period!


Ruaha Carnivore Project    

Amy Dickman


Little Fireface Project  

Anna Nekaris


Africa Matters / Painted Dog Conservation 

Wendy Blakeley


Chimpanzee Sanctuary and Wildlife Conservation Trust 

Lilly Ajarova


Health in Harmony

Etty Rahmawati

Kari malen

Rosevan Vickery


Snow Leopard Trust  

Marissa Niranjan


Maliangin Island Community Association (MICA)


Lowland Tapir Consevation Initiative, IPÊ – Instituto de Pesquisas Ecológicas

IUCN/SSC Tapir Specialist Group (TSG)  

Pati Medici


Partners  in  Conservation   

Charlene  Jendry,,


Conservation Fusion  

Susie McGuire


Action for Cheetahs 

Mary Wykstra


Act for Great Apes

Susan Lutter


Omaha Henry Doorly Zoo & Madagascar Biodiversity  Partnership 

Dr. Louis Azure 









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