Save the Dates for the 2020 ZACC!

June 22-26, 2020 ZACC Conference

Co-hosts are Utah's Hogle Zoo and Tracy Aviary

Salt Lake City, Utah

Our Website is up and running!  See below for info & links.

A Quick Look:

  • The 2020 ZACC Conference session dates are June 22-26, 2020 (Monday–Friday). 

  • One pre-conference trip offered on Monday June 22

  • Two post-conference trips on June 27th. 

  • The Icebreaker is on the evening of June 22.

  • Several Pre-conference workshops will be offered on Monday June 22 as well. 

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Anne Warner In situ Education Grant:


Storytelling has always been at the heart of every ZACC conference. For the past 25 years we have asked you to come and share your experiences. We hoped that by sharing stories of conservation commitment, that by sharing your passion to do good and telling compelling stories of everyday events that shaped you, it would inevitably create a movement of partnerships between zoos/aquariums and our colleagues in the field.  


We believed that your stories would and could inspire people to act themselves - perhaps by creating a NGO or initiating a community-based project, or by conducting a field study or enacting an in situ education program. But as importantly these stories would both inspire and encourage your zoo or aquarium to become actively involved in supporting and partnering with people already in the field.


We hope that by attending the 2020 ZACC Conference, you too will be moved to greater action.  We are at a time of great change that might seem overwhelming, but we at ZACC believe in the power of individuals, of people who are committed to making a difference seemingly against all odds. 

As we reach this milestone of 25 years of ZACC conferences, we would like to thank all of our past hosts - we could not have done it without you! 

1995 - Columbus Zoo

1997 - Busch Gardens, Tampa

1999 - San Diego Zoo

2001 - Brevard Zoo

2005 - Brevard Zoo

2007 - Houston Zoo

2009 - Houston Zoo

2011  - Woodland Park Zoo

2013 - Blank Park Zoo

2015 - Denver Zoo

2018 - Jacksonville Zoo

And to all of our sponsors over the years - you have made this conference happen. Your generous support has allowed the conference  to remain affordable for our attendees, allowed us (the organizers and hosts) to create an atmosphere of excitement and possibilities which enabled true partnerships to form and grow. All of you - our sponsors - have believed in this concept and we can never thank you enough! 

The Anne Warner In Situ Conservation Education Fund

In July of 2018, the conservation world suffered a heartbreaking loss with the passing of our ZACC steering committee member, Anne Warner. Anne was a respected colleague and friend to not only ZACC but to so many in the conservation world.  Please see below a tribute written for our ZACC Facebook page. In honor of Anne's commitment to conservation we have established The Anne Warner In Situ Conservation Education Fund. If you would like to donate:


Write a check to:

Blank Park Zoo

7401 SW 9th St

Des Moines, IA 50315


Put "Anne Warner Fund" in Memo

Attn: Jessie Lowry, Director of Conservation and Research


Email Jessie with questions at

In Memoriam - Anne Warner 


Anne Warner: It is with great sadness that that we announce the passing of our friend and colleague Anne Warner - a member of the ZACC Steering Committee 1999-2018. Anne was many things to many people - wife, mother, beloved Nana. When she spoke of her children and especially when speaking of her grandchildren her smile simply illuminated her face, radiating unequivocal love, and coupled with her smile was that unique twinkle in her eye, exclusive only to Anne. And Anne was conservation. Wherever she went a commitment to conservation also went and was established, nurtured, took root and grew. At Oakland Zoo, then Oregon Zoo, as interim director of PASA, as a consultant to field education projects all over the world, her steady influence grew over the years. 


She was a pioneer, one of that handful of zoo people in the 1990’s who just said “Right, lets just get on with it.” Support of in situ conservation was not an option for Anne, it was who we were and are as zoos – she understood it was our most important, powerful and defining characteristic as zoological institutions. Anne knew that long before many in the zoo world had even an inkling of the concept.


At the 1999 ZACC conference during an informal lunch, a small group of us decided to form the ZACC Steering Committee - as a hedge against the very real possibility that the message of ZACC could be lost in the translation by others. Anne was there, Lisa Dabek was there (another one of those early pioneers, where Lisa went in situ conservation went), Rebecca Rose, and me, Beth Armstrong and I believe Marc Ancrenaz was with us as well. Others would join us in later years. And so began Anne's commitment to ZACC as she helped to shape and move us forward with her practical approach and willingness to give of her time. When we reworked the ZACC logo several years ago and were looking for the perfect tagline to express what ZACC was, it was Anne who found just the right words: “Inspire-Connect-Act”


I knew Anne through our shared ZACC experiences as well as working together on a couple of consulting jobs with zoos, helping them to jump-start their own conservation commitment. In 2016 I asked Anne to join us for the inaugural “Finding Your Voice: Inspirational Stories from Women who Protect Wildlife and Wild Places” summit in Columbus Ohio, lending her voice and sharing her experiences with the next generation of conservationists – teaching once again. 

But Anne was more than a colleague to me, she was a much-valued friend, someone I could just call up to shoot the breeze, to see what Ellie her granddaughter was up to, or see what Anne was reading at the time or ask where her next adventure would take her. 


In July when I returned to my home in Florida after a 4-month absence and finally decided to tackle the massive pile of mail – one envelope dropped out of the pile – it was from Anne sent last March. I had long ago stopped dismissing seemingly arbitrary events as coincidence and this one struck me – why that particular letter? In the midst of all her struggles, she had bothered to take the time to write a card – that was pure Anne - thanking me for a bottle of Talisker scotch (oh she did like her Scotch whiskey!) and some books I had sent. We often talked of our Celtic heritage and the powerful pull it had on both of us. In the card she said the following in reference to stepping down from the ZACC Steering Committee to serve on our advisory board: “Funny how I knew it was time to ‘graduate’ to advisory board without really knowing why – that good ole Celtic intuition clearing the space for the fight of my life.”


We both shared a sense of pride in our Welsh ancestry. And on the day I received word that she had passed – as I reeled from the news, trying to catch my breath, trying to find some sense in this senseless loss, something popped up on my Facebook page from another page I was a member of – a detailed history of my Welsh 11th great-grandfather – someone Anne and I had discussed at length. I don’t think that was a coincidence. 


Every time I spoke with her over the last few months– she was nothing but positive, comporting herself through the labyrinth of doctor appointments and hospital stays with such unyielding grace - while asking after me, asking about my nieces and nephews, inevitably starting the conversation with “How’s the book coming along?” That was pure Anne – always, always genuinely interested in others. 


I am still trying to wrap my head around the thought that I will never again hear her voice, see that smile, hear her encouraging words – and it breaks my heart. And I know I am not alone in this; that there are endless stories out there of all the people that Anne touched, mentored, worked with, encouraged and simply graced with her presence. I will miss her. "Anne, rwy'n dy garu di." - Welsh for "you are loved" 


Former Catholic priest John O’Donohue was a writer, a poet, a philosopher. O’Donohue wrote extensively of how places inform and shape us, how the earth speaks to us through place – in his case his home in the west of Ireland. And how our ancestors are there with us in so many ways. When his own father died he wrote a poem for his mother called Beannacht (Blessing in Irish). And although it is really for those left behind, for those that must come to grips with the loss of a loved one it is Anne I think of and wish for her the same. ~ Beth Armstrong, ZACC Chair


"May the nourishment of the earth be yours, 
may the clarity of light be yours, 
may the fluency of the ocean be yours, 
may the protection of the ancestors be yours. 

And so may a slow 
wind work these words 
of love around you, 
an invisible cloak 
to mind your life."


What is ZACC? Our mission is to "Inspire-Connect-Act"

The mission of the ZACC conference is to encourage and promote increased involvement of zoos and aquariums in support of field conservation – locally, nationally and internationally. Held on a biennial basis since 1995, the conference brings field researchers and zoo colleagues together to network, forge relationships and work together to mutually benefit and protect wildlife species and wild places. 


Past ZACC hosts:

Columbus Zoo - 1995

Busch Gardens Tampa - 1997

San Diego Zoo - 1999

Brevard Zoo - 2001

Brevard Zoo - 2005

Houston Zoo - 2007

Houston Zoo - 2009

Woodland Park Zoo - 2011

Blank Park Zoo - 2013

Denver Zoo - 2015

Jacksonville Zoo - 2018

Utah's Hogle Zoo - 2020

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